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Trend: Ombré

Last night our stylists were further educated on how to achieve the best possible Ombré color. I recently had mine done by the very talented Sai Sutha at our Issaquah location as you can see in the picture and I’m very pleased with the final result!

If you aren’t familiar with this term, allow me to explain. Ombré, which means “shaded” in French, is a style in which the hair is darkest at the root and gradually fades to a lighter, brighter color at the ends. The color difference can be subtle or extreme depending on preference, but always a soft transition between the two.

A major benefit of this style is that it’s low maintenance. Since the lighter color at the ends is intentional and painted on specifically to look natural, grow out isn’t your worst enemy for once. There isn’t any major upkeep like you may experience with highlights and you can add lighter or darker pieces as time goes by depending on how the color naturally fades.

It’s also a great alternative to a solid hair color without having to completely change your look. I was starting to get bored with my color and this was the perfect way to spice things up a bit. I typically like my hair most when it’s dark so with Ombré I can have the best of both worlds and keep the darker color by my face but still have the lightness at the bottom.

If you’re wanting to try it out for yourself, contact any of our three locations to book a consultation for your personalized Ombré look.

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