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New Product: Mason Pearson Hair Brushes

Handmade in England and developed and patented over 100 years ago, the Mason Pearson hair brush is one of a kind.

But why should you get one? What makes this brush better than any other brush? Well I’m glad you asked!

The unique rubber-cushion pad massages and gently stimulates your scalp as you brush. Scalp massage is important to a healthy life as it increases blood flow to your brain. This helps relieve stress and tension and can even improve your mood. Scalp massage also stimulates the hair follicles which in turn stimulates hair growth.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to purchase another brush for quite some time. Although they are not indestructible, Mason Pearson brushes are built to last and are made with the finest materials. For $125 you can experience the Mason Pearson Junior brush for yourself and take the step toward better hair care. This is a $15 savings from Nordstrom and Sephora so don’t miss out!

Now available for purchase at all three Sorella locations.

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