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Winter Hair Tips from Oribe

With the upcoming New Year’s parties and winter vacations ahead, Oribe asked his education team to give their top tips for styling and protecting your hair this season. Learn how to easily style, fight frizz, and beat the winter blues.






Beach Beauty

“I spend part of my winter in Brazil, so I’m all about beachy looks that transition from day to night. Let your hair loose while the sun is out, then pull it up into a low bun and adorn it with a flower for the evening. To fake just-out-of-the-ocean waves, spray in some Aprés Beach and let hair dry naturally, or use Soft Lacquer on wet hair and curl medium-sized sections in alternate directions. Have fun with it … there’s no right or wrong when you’re at the beach!” -Ronnie Stam, New York City

Big City Chic

When I think of the quintessential Manhattan party girl, Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s quickly comes to mind. Anyone spending New Year’s Eve in a big city should consider recreating her iconic look. Prep damp hair with Gel Sérum, then blow-dry the roots-first, stretching the hair to get lift (quick trick: do this with your head hanging down). Once hair is fully dry, spray large sections with Soft Lacquer before using a curling iron (pin curls in place) or hot rollers. Let curls cool while you do your makeup. Next, unpin hair and brush well in all directions to loosen the curls. Form a ponytail on top of the head. Spray the hair with Dry Spray and lightly back-comb, then casually fold the hair unto a sloppy bun. Attach a clip or broach to the front of the bun. If you’re in NYC, make sure your last stop of the night/morning is 57th and 5th for a bagel and coffee in front of Tiffany”s. -Tom Gallagher, New York City

Resort Wear

“I just returned from a wonderful trip to Hawaii, and I was so inspired by all the resort looks. If you’re heading somewhere tropical for the holidays, keep your hair looking youthful and relaxed with a low, loosely pulled back, textured pony tail. For added color, wrap the elastic with a vibrant scarf or light piece of fabric. Don’t forget to spray with Imperméable for light hold and humidity protection!” -Kien Hoang, San Francisco

New Year, New You

“We style a lot of clients who will be heading into Los Angeles for New Year’s Eve. The best thing about New Year’s parties is that they offer the perfect opportunity to try something different…and start 2012 with a fresh new look. For the gun-shy, try something as simple as a new part. If you normally wear your hair stick-straight, add some volume: Go crazy with some Volumista, set hair in rollers, brush out and tease until you’re making the perfect Pussycat statement. Or, for a new take on the usual updo, brush hair back into a sleek and shiny ponytail – a great complement to a little black dress and super-high heels.” -Louis Orozco, Newport Beach, CA

Fight Frizz

“With many people heading to warm-weather destinations for the holidays, this is the perfect time to address one of my favorite subjects…humidity! Here are some tips for taming hair in any climate:

1. Get your hair into perfect shape before you go away. Use a deep-conditioning mask like Masque for Beautiful Color at least once a week. It will help repair the tiny cracks in the hair shaft where water in the air can latch onto and cause frizz.
2. When styling your hair, product selection is everything. Start with a leave-in conditioner like Supershine, then choose a product to build your style, such as Gel Sérum, which will hold your hair in place. Once your blowout is complete, finish with Imperméable – this product is a must-have for keeping humidity at bay.
3. If you’re getting ready for a day by the ocean or at the pool, don’t forget to pack Foundation Mist. It has protection against UV rays and makes hair a breeze to comb through once you get out of the water.” -Steven Schmidt, Miami

Beat Winter Blues

“As a native of Minnesota, I know all about the damage the cold can wreak on your hair. The key to maintaining healthy, hydrated winter hair is choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Just like with your skin care, you must change to a regimen that offers more moisture and protection than what you use in the summer. If you’re reaching for a deep conditioner, be very careful what you choose. If your hair is chemically damaged, a deep conditioner with protein is in order, but if your hair is normally healthy and just seasonally dry, too much protein can actually make strands more brittle. Instead, select something like Signature Moisture Masque, which offers moisture without overbuilding the internal hair structure.” -Adam Livermore, New York City


*All products mentioned are available for purchase at any one of the three Sorella locations.

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