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Tutorial: 3 Quick Styles for the New or Busy Mom

Jenica is one of our talented stylists as well as a new mom. With her busy schedule and new addition to the family, she has come up with 3 super cute styles that you can do in under five minutes! Plus she shares some personal styling tips that have made her own life easier.





“The best tip I could give any mom is that you can get away with a messier hair style if you have a full face of makeup on. Spend the little amount time you have on your makeup and you will look and feel put together no matter how you choose to style your hair.” -Jenica

1. Ponytail with Attitude

Put your hair in a medium to high ponytail. Use one hand to hold the ponytail in place and using your index finger and thumb from your other hand, pull the hair upwards slightly to create some extra volume. Use both hands to tighten the ponytail and spray with your favorite hair spray.

BONUS TIP: When you put your hair in a ponytail, use your fingers to comb through the hair and pull it back. This will be much quicker and look more casual.


2. Messy Bun

Put your hair in a high ponytail. For a messier look, tease the under layer of the pony tail gently starting at the roots and working your way up (this is not mandatory). Use bobby pins to secure hair section by section around the ponytail. Pin hair wherever you desire and make it as messy as you want. Spray with your favorite hair spray.

BONUS TIP: If you are about to become a new mom, hold back on cutting short bangs. When the child is young you are frequently looking down and they get in the way. If you already have bangs, no worries! Simply twist and pull them back off your face. Secure with a bobby pin or two.


3. Simple Side Braid

Gather hair to one side and braid it. After you secure it with a hair tie, use your fingers the pull the braid outward and loosen it a bit. Spray with your favorite hair spray.

BONUS TIP: Fabric hair ties are the way to go! They’re very comfortable, don’t pull your hair and act as an accessory both in your hair or on your wrist. Always be prepared and carry a hair tie at all times! (Hair ties available at all 3 Sorella locations)


Contributing Stylist: Jenica


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