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Professional Advice for Your Best Skin Yet!

Most of us know that beautiful skin doesn’t  just happen. Like anything in life, what you put into it is what you will get as a result. So what really goes into having skin you can be proud of?

Katie, our Esthetician and Lash Artist at our Redmond location, shares with us her valuable insight that goes beyond the usual eat healthy, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

Find out from a pro how to truly improve your skin for good!

What You Should Add to Your Diet

Antioxidants- Free radicals cause breakdown of the cells and are everywhere, including the air! Over time they cause wrinkles and age spots, but eating lots of fresh berries and greens combat these future issues. Most quality products will already contain antioxidants.

Omegas- Omega-3 essential fatty acids, commonly found in fish, can reduce the risk of heart disease and keep your skin at its best. For a healthy and glowing complexion, try a daily fish oil supplement.

What You Should Add to Your Routine

Exfoliation- Regular removal of dead skin cells stimulates your body to produce newer, healthier skin. It also allows skincare products to penetrate deeper and work better. You may consider a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion once a month with an Esthetician for a deeper exfoliation that can improve acne scarring, age spots, and wrinkles!

Makeup Primer- Add a primer a couple minutes after you put on moisturizer. This will help to smooth over fine lines and allow your makeup to hold to your skin for much longer. I love the face primer by Glo Minerals.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes- The brushes you use for your daily application of makeup retain lots of dirt, oil, and bacteria. Try shampooing them with an antibacterial soap or brush shampoo every couple weeks to avoid spreading unwanted leftovers back onto your skin.

What You Need to Eliminate

Don’t Pick Breakouts- Picking at your breakouts transfers the bacteria from under your nails directly onto your skin. Also, pressing too hard can cause your pore to burst which spreads the acne infection deeper into your face. Estheticians are trained to gently remove blackheads using specific tools and techniques during your facial.

Hormones and Medication- Overly dry skin and breakouts are often a result of hormones or medications including birth control. If you notice your skin getting increasingly worse, you may want your doctor to check for hormone imbalances or prescribe a lower dose of birth control.

Don’t Stress- Studies show that stress can over stimulate your skin and cause breakouts. Taking time out for yourself is vital to relieve stress and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Get a massage, facial, or do a little cardio. Something as simple as going for a walk and getting a good night of sleep can do wonders for your skin!

Moving Forward

Investing In Your Skin- If you want to see real change with your skin, you need something stronger than drugstore products. Those products are typically made with cheap ingredients and irritating fillers which don’t have a high enough concentration of the good stuff. Investing in a medical grade skincare line, like IS Clinical, will ensure that you are getting a quality product with the highest concentration of active ingredients.

Don’t Let the Price Scare You- Switching over to quality skin care products is an investment. However, because they are more concentrated, you’re getting much more for your money. Quality products will last twice as long and you’ll see results much faster. Are you willing to spend around $25 a month to protect and improve your skin? Thinking of it this way helps with any initial sticker shock.


For more info on the IS Clinical line and skincare tips, feel free to consult with one of our amazing Estheticians at any of our three Sorella locations.

By: Katie, Esthetician/Lash Artist at our Redmond Sorella location.


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