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Meet the Sorella Lash Team!

This Spring is all about long, voluminous lashes!

For those of you who either need help in that area or want an alternative to everyday makeup application, Sorella offers top of the line Lash Extensions.

I recently sat down with each of our Lash Artists, Katie, Jenn and Charina, for a Q&A to find out more about them and the amazing service they provide.


Charina – Lash Artist at our Issaquah Location

Q: What are the benefits to having Eyelash Extensions?

A: Lash Extensions are an amazing beauty secret! Lashes open up the look of your eyes, brighten your overall facial appearance, and can make you look years younger when designed and applied properly. Mostly it is a great way to look awake and glamorous all the time without having to fuss with daily makeup application.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Lash Stylist?

A: I love that lashes look amazing on anyone and you can specifically design them to suite their lifestyle and personality. No two people have the same eyes, so with the hundreds of lengths, widths, and curl patterns of lash extensions, the options are endless. The process is very intricate and takes practice, but is always worth the final result. I love seeing each individual’s unique transformation!

Jenn – Lash Artist at our Kirkland Location

Q: Can anyone get Lash Extensions?

A: Yes, anyone with any type of lashes, full or thin can benefit from lash extensions as long as they have some to begin with. There is also a wide variety of sizes and lengths of lashes that can be chosen to fit each person perfectly. The only thing that would make someone a poor candidate is if they have an allergy to the adhesive which is very rare.

Q: What celebrity gives you major lash envy?

A: I would have to say, which I’m sure most would agree, that I have complete lash envy for Kim Kardashian’s lashes. They are just amazing all around!

Katie – Lash Artist at our Redmond Location

Q: How long do Lash Extensions last?

A: Lash Extensions can be maintained indefinitely with regularly scheduled fills. Fills are needed every 2-4 weeks depending on the person and their body’s natural growth cycle.

Q: Do you have to be overly careful when you have them on?

A: You should be able to enjoy your Lash Extensions without too much adjustment to your normal lifestyle. As long as you follow after care instructions and are not excessively exposed to heat or moisture, they will last through the natural lash life cycle and fall off with the natural lash, not before. You can swim, shower and spa as usual as long as these activities are not engaged in excessively.


Sorella Salon & Spa uses Xtreme Lashes exclusively. Please call any one of our locations if you are interested in booking an appointment for your very own Lash Extensions. 

Issaquah: 425.392.9299     Kirkland: 425.827.3000     Redmond: 425.898.8003

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  1. Linda #

    I love the look of my daughter and daughter-in-laws lash extensions. They both go to Sorella for their lashes and LOVE the place. Highly recommended!!!!

    March 21, 2012

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