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Trend: Shiny, Healthy Hair

This season is all about having shiny, healthy looking hair. With everything your hair has been through during the Summer, it’s time for some much needed restoration.

I sat down with Sai from our Issaquah location for some tips and tricks to getting your hair in the best condition for Fall. He knows what he’s talking about!




The sun is our friend, especially for those who live in Seattle, but it’s not always so friendly to your hair. Exposure to the sun’s rays can damage the hair cuticle and inner structure, causing the ends to split and strands to become dry and brittle.

Now that Summer is over, it’s time to restore your hair and nurse it back to health! Especially with the Holidays coming up, you want to look your absolute best. Events will move from outside to indoors this season and you want your hair to shine the same even in artificial light.

So how do you do this? Can you really change the texture of your hair and reverse damage? The answer is yes! There are many ways to make your hair shiny and healthy again.

1. Deep Conditioning

The main reason your hair is dry and damaged is due to a lack of moisture. One way to add moisture to your hair is to use a deep conditioner. Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque or Masque for Beautiful Color are two amazing products that can help your hair even after one use. This is one of Sai’s favorite techniques!

“With Oribe Masques you can really see a difference right away. I’ve seen it do amazing things with bringing hair back to life” -Sai


2. Halo Shine Gloss Treatment

I personally can say that I’ve had an extreme hair transformation from the Halo Shine treatment. My hair feels thicker and healthier and is visibly much more shiny and lively. What it does is fill the porous parts of your hair which makes the surface of your hair more shiny and light reflective. Another cool thing about it is that you can use it to tone brass and even out your color. It’s been almost six weeks now since I had this done and my hair is still shiny. I don’t think I can live without it at this point!

3. Wash & Condition Properly

When you shampoo, you want to focus most on the scalp, not the ends. Use your fingertips to gently massage the shampoo into your scalp. Ideally, you should try and go at least a day or two between shampooing. If you shampoo your hair too often it can strip the natural oils from your strands which protects it.

When you condition, you want to focus most on the ends. To make sure that your hair is absorbing conditioner completely, remove excess moisture from your hair before conditioning. Keep a small towel by the shower and use it to squeeze the water from your ends before you apply conditioner. This will allow your hair to fully soak up the conditioner.

You can always talk to a stylist about what shampoo/conditioner would be best for your specific hair type. Oribe Brilliance and Shine Shampoo & Conditioner is a Sorella favorite for supremely shiny hair.

4. Use Heat Protectant before Styling

Using a heat protectant product is essential before applying any kind of heat to your hair. Heat opens up the hair shaft, making it more vulnerable to damage and even color loss. Heat protectants coat and seal the follicle so your strands aren’t compromised during the process.

Oribe Royal Blowout is perfect for protecting your hair before blowing dry. For protection when straightening or curling your hair, lightly spray Oribe Soft Lacquer to each section.


5. Don’t overuse anti-frizz products

If your hair is dry and damaged, it may become frizzy. Especially with the change of seasons, your hair may be frizzier than normal. If you find yourself reaching for the anti-frizz products, make sure not to use too much. It will work for the moment, but it deprives the hair from external moisture. Overuse will end up starving your hair completely from moisture and making the problem worse.

Try using Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream for additional shine and conditioning that lasts and works throughout the day.

Contributing Stylist: Sai



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