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Tutorial: DIY Glittery Christmas Decor


If you’re the one hosting this year’s gathering, add a little sparkle to your decor!

Taking a usual container and adding gold glitter can make a statement sure to impress. It’s easy, festive, and a lot of fun to make.

Find out how to make this glittery Christmas decor!




For this project, you will need whatever decor you are wanting to glitter (I chose a mason jar, small glass bowl and wood frame), scotch tape, glue, glitter, paint (if you choose to do a frame like I did), small paint brush, and a medium sized paint brush. Since there is glitter involved, this project may get messy. Be sure to lay down newspaper or a tablecloth before starting!



Step 1- Do any painting first so it can dry by the time you’re ready to add glitter. I chose a wood frame and did only one coat of red paint.


Step 2- Tape off a design of your choice on the jars/glassware. I did a chevron pattern on the mason jar (which is somewhat hard to see here).


Step 3- Put glue in a small dish and paint the glue everywhere you want glitter to appear. Shake the glitter on top of all items you want to sparkle and let dry.


The final product! Fill your containers with candy, flowers, ornaments, or whatever you please. They look great as a table centerpiece or counter decoration.


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