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Time For Bangs!


Time to run to your stylist for some bangs. Pair it with a new amazing leather jacket and you’ll be turning heads!

How-to-to style tips with our new favorite brand RandCo:

Apply ONE Prep Spray to towel-dried hair.
Apply PARK AVE Blowout Balm from roots to ends on 2-inch sections.
Blow-dry with brush, pushing hair forward from center back.
Round ends under for a standard ‘70s bob.
Blow dry bangs flat at roots and curved on ends.

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Congrats Vaughn & Luxury Brand Partners.

Support. Our partner’s success is our success. We love opening up magazines and seeing the products we carry have such an influence on our industry. V76 by Vaughn is no exception to this and they have been popping up everywhere. Vaughn styled the cover of this month’s “Beauty Launchpad”. Pick up the issue to learn how to get the looks from Rag & Bone’s Fall 2014 Menswear Show using V76 products.


Editor’s Choice Award for 2014 –

Appreciation. With so much enthusiasm, we are honored to have won Salon Today’s Editor Choice Award for 2014 for our new Issaquah Highlands location! So many people have made this possible and we are beyond ecstatic to share this award! Thank you to an incredible dedicated team that’s hold a high bar for quality of service. Thank you to Oribe and Luxury Brand Partners for believing and supporting us! And most of all thank you to our wonderful fans for walking through our doors everyday and making our dreams come true! Joy filled day for all!

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Balayage to bring in your Fall Look!

Balayage highlights originated in Parisian salons. This technique involves hair stylists literally painting pieces of hair with a color brush, and results in a natural look. The stylists chooses which strands of hair to highlight, using a smaller color brush for precision. Low-lighting can also be performed this way. 

Balayage is French for “to sweep” – and the trend is sweeping across salons! It’s a hair highlighting technique you’ve probably seen on your favorite celebrities & models and didn’t even know it! 

“Hair Painting” techniques- like Balayage– require the least amount of maintenance (meaning not-so-obvious- root grow out and longer time between appointments)! 

Many celebrities are opting for balayage highlights. A variety of looks can be created; for example styles consisting of curly layered hair where the tips of the layered curls are tinted in dramatic color- just by using a color brush to paint the ends of the hair with out needing any additional tools. Traditional balayage doesn’t use foils! The new technique of balayage is a healthier way to highlight your hair, and is a must-do style for the modern woman!Image


My original inspiration for this journal entry was to share practical strategies to enroll in beauty school. After hearing Allie’s story I knew her story needed to be shared from beginning to end. She has an inspiration and passion for this industry, coupled with the normal fears of taking the plunged into a new career. Her story will for sure leave you with goosebumps and hopefully encourage anyone to follow their dreams. Passion will never die. We hope that her journey in the hair industry starts and ends with Sorella Salon because she epitomizes our brand, pretty and hard-working. Congratulations Ashley, we are your #1 fans. -Jacquelynn Woodward


By Ashley “Allie” Young

I'll Never Be A Beauty School Dropout

When your parents asked you what you wanted to be when you “grow-up” I bet your answer was something extravagant and typically unrealistic. A doctor, a lawyer, astronauts & ballerina’s are all perfectly acceptable professions. I always had an answer like that, a lawyer most of my life, until I grew old enough to understand what ‘tuition’ meant. When my dreams of arguing for a living became real life, and I was nowhere near able to pursue that type of education, I turned to medicine. I never wanted to be a doctor or surgeon, I always knew those people were old and blood and guts were not as glamorous as I’d intended to be. Nursing became a real life option, a few years in community college taking math and science classes and then I’d obviously be immediately accepted into the nursing school of my choice.

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Tutorial: 5 Minute Everyday Updos

Pic8.2We all have those days when the alarm doesn’t go off or we simply wait until the last minute to get out of bed. Instead of throwing your hair up in a sloppy bun or ponytail, try one of these three styles that take the same amount of time to do.

No one will know what kind of morning you had and you’ll look as glamorous as ever!

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