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Balayage to bring in your Fall Look!

Balayage highlights originated in Parisian salons. This technique involves hair stylists literally painting pieces of hair with a color brush, and results in a natural look. The stylists chooses which strands of hair to highlight, using a smaller color brush for precision. Low-lighting can also be performed this way. 

Balayage is French for “to sweep” – and the trend is sweeping across salons! It’s a hair highlighting technique you’ve probably seen on your favorite celebrities & models and didn’t even know it! 

“Hair Painting” techniques- like Balayage– require the least amount of maintenance (meaning not-so-obvious- root grow out and longer time between appointments)! 

Many celebrities are opting for balayage highlights. A variety of looks can be created; for example styles consisting of curly layered hair where the tips of the layered curls are tinted in dramatic color- just by using a color brush to paint the ends of the hair with out needing any additional tools. Traditional balayage doesn’t use foils! The new technique of balayage is a healthier way to highlight your hair, and is a must-do style for the modern woman!Image



1. ANYTHING LEATHER. A jacket, skirt or pants. Anything leather makes a serious statement.
2. OXFORD SHOES. All the rave. Classy and trendy. We especially love Oxford heels.
3. GLASSING, HALO, GLOSS. Dull summer hair is not okay. Easiest way for high shine is a 30-minute in-salon gloss treatment!
4. FROST MAKE-UP. Who doesn’t want to look like Barbie with frosty blue eyeshadow? Well, maybe not that intense but watch this trend pop up everywhere!
5. ANIMAL PRINT. Colored. Blue, pink, zebra, leopard print, oh so hot!

Trend: Hot Hair Color – Sweet Meches


The Sweet Meches hair coloring technique is the amazing new way to bridge the gap between traditional foils and hand painted balayage. It’s the perfect way to achieve a natural and polished Summer look. The best part is that all hair colors respond great to this technique!

Along with Sweet Meches, find out what our hair experts are trend forecasting for Fall 2013! Read more

Trend: Unstructured Bob

unstructuredSpring has sprung and it’s time for a fresh, new look!

The length of this unstructured bob is perfect for those who are typically nervous to go short. It’s much longer than what most thing of when they hear the word ‘bob’, but still achieves the overall feel.

It can be styled conservatively or more messy for an edgier look. Because of the layers, this cut is extremely versatile.

Check out more images of the unstructured bob and see one of our team members before and after the cut! Read more

Trend: Shiny, Healthy Hair

This season is all about having shiny, healthy looking hair. With everything your hair has been through during the Summer, it’s time for some much needed restoration.

I sat down with Sai from our Issaquah location for some tips and tricks to getting your hair in the best condition for Fall. He knows what he’s talking about! Read more

Hottest Trends for Fall

From clean-cut and classic to overstated and dramatic, there’s a trend for every unique fashion sense this Fall! Read more

Trend: Neon

If you haven’t noticed already, neon is everywhere! Are you daring enough to go bright from head to toe? Or would you rather start with something subtle? Find out the correct way to add neon to your everyday look.  Read more