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Tutorial: Candy Corn Nails

Halloween is just two days away! Get in the spirit and find out how to do this super cute candy corn paint job. It’s easier than you think!







For this look you will need orange, yellow, white, and silver glitter nail polish, scotch tape and scissors. Plus your favorite top coat to finish it off.

Step 1- Paint your nails orange and let dry completely.

Step 2- Cut small strips of tape and place in the center of your nail. Make sure the tape is fully pressed onto your nail so your lines stay nice and straight. I left out one nail to make a glittery statement nail.

Step 3- Paint below the tape line with yellow nail polish. Paint above the tape line with white nail polish. Paint your statement nail with glitter. Wait at least a couple minutes before carefully peeling off the tape.

The finished product! Apply top coat and enjoy.

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  1. angie #

    cool. will try with different colors since now is nowhere near

    June 25, 2013

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